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Smart Car Hire is one of the most recommended car hire and van hire companies in London offering car rental services to new and young drivers.

We have a large selection of standard, economy and even premium cars available for daily, weekly, weekend or monthly hire. We stock the latest models of cars and our vehicles are equipped with the latest tools to provide you a confirtable car hire experience.

We endeavour to offer you the best of our services at the most affordable prices. We can also organise custom car rental services based on your requirements.

We can also pick you up and drop you upon request and at a nominal additional cost.

If you are finding it difficult to rent a car because you have an international driving licence, we may still be able to help you. Please contact a member of staff to find out how we can help you.

Most young drivers (under the age of twenty one) and new drivers (who have recently passed their driving test) in the United Kingdom find is super complicated and almost impossible to hire a car. Most of the car hire companies in the United Kingdom have a standard age limit of 22 years or 23 years depending on the company policies and the type of vehicle the young or new driver wants to rent. Though it is indeed possible to rent a car but most young and new drivers have to spend a lot of time finding who will rent the car to them and they also eventually end up spending a lot more than normal drivers.

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